A Mission That Began At Home

The concept for Peace with Music came from an understanding Marvin Goldstein obtained as a result of years of performing across the globe. He noticed early on that people were more than entertained by music; they were often moved emotionally, even spiritually by even the simplest of tunes, nothing intricate or extravagant.

Marvin’s musical beginnings were at age nine on the accordion and by 12 he moved to piano and French Horn. Marvin saw peoples’ moods change within the walls of his own home as he played. When his father became upset over something he had done, he rushed to the piano and discovered playing his father’s favorite song mad him almost forgot that he was upset. With a big smile, music had mitigated what could have been a much more heated exchange.


Performance With A Purpose

Throughout Marvin’s college years, he noticed that girls softened to the sounds of music and that was a great thing. Musical performance seemed to reduce the tension from any source. Into his thirties and forties, he focused on sacred music and the effects that the words and tunes had on people and even large congregations. It was substantive and most obvious that if music performances were directed toward conflict resolution that the aftermath would be very positive and valuable.

Given many experiences for small and even large audiences, his hypothesis was correct and he sought to raise money to work the magic of music throughout our world, one note at a time. Thus, Peace with Music was born.

The Peace with Music Foundation mission is simple; to connect cultures, traditions, races, social and religious differences solely through the performance of music.